2007 saw the launch of Pioneer's KURO and LX range of products. The KURO and LX range is a reflection of our passion to create high definition home theater products that make the hair on the back of your neck stand and create an experience like never before.

We also renewed our SQC status and launched the GST (Greet, Smile, Thank You) campaign - "Customer Satisfaction Within" in continuation of our efforts to reinforce customer-centric corporate culture.

Lastly, Pioneer Electronics Asiacentre Pte Ltd was awarded the Distinguished Patron of the Arts Award. This award is given to individuals or organisations who have received the Patron of the Arts Award on the fifth consecutive occasion.

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Pioneer Electronics Asiacentre Pte Ltd is awarded Associate of the Arts. This award is given to organisations who have made a contribution $50,000-$99,000 in a year.

Also, Pioneer is proud to have 3 sets of PDP-436HDG and 3 sets of PDP-43MXE10 on display at the lobby and meeting rooms of JetQuay CIP Terminal, Asia's first luxury airport terminal, bringing travelers a supreme level of entertainment and efficiency on the move.

In addition, Pioneer hosted its inaugural Pro DJ Digital Battle on 26th May 2006 at Zouk, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and it proved to be a showdown of technical and creative prowess between the nine finalists hailing from five countries around the region.

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PAC has been conferred "Patron of the Arts", the foremost recognition for arts sponsorship by Singapore National Arts Council (NAC) at the awards ceremony held in the Esplanade Concert Hall on the 13th September, 2005. Mr. Tatsuo Takeuchi, MD was present to receive the award from the Minister of Information, Communication and the Arts, Dr Lee Boon Yang.

The Arts Supporter Award was launched in 2000 to give recognition to companies and individuals who contributed, by cash or in kind, to the promotion and extension to the Singapore arts scene.

PAC as Centremedia Technology Partner of Esplanade - Theatre on the Bay, was nominated. PAC has also contributed to the 2005 Mosaic Festival at Esplanade.

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2004 reflects a year of excellence for Pioneer Electronics AsiaCentre Pte. Ltd. ("PAC") as it launched a challenge for the Singapore Quality Award, thus marking an important milestone in its journey to business excellence which started back in 2000.

As it enhanced its strive towards becoming an organisation of excellence, PAC adopted ISO standards in its marketing and business support units so as to streamline documentation and process management and improve efficiency at all levels.

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In February 2003, PAC was awarded the ISO 14001 : 1996 certificate from BVQI for its efforts in implementing an Environmental Management System so as to align itself with its Corporate Directive to preserve and protect the environment.

PAC also received the Intelligent 20 award in 2003. This award is based on successful IT and Internet projects implemented and relied on several key factors including strong management support and involvement, clearly-drawn business objectives and the right technological solutions and execution plans.

PAC capped another year of continuous achievements when it was recognised as a "Patron of the Arts" by the National Arts Council for its partnership with the Esplanande to propel performing arts to the forefront of Singapore's cultural scene.

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In January 2002, the manufacturing arm of PAC known as Pioneer Electronics Technology (Asia) Co. ("PTA") was awarded the ISO 9001: 2000 certificate from BVQI for its Quality Management System.

This spurred the management of PAC on to initiate the quality management practices of PTA at the other business units of PAC.

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With the ISO system in place, PAC modelled its journey to business excellence after the Singapore Quality Award business excellence framework, so as to bring the organisation to the next level of maturity.

In December 2001, PAC accepted an invitation from SPRING Singapore to be a member of Singapore Quality Class.

On 12th July 2001, the Pioneer group of companies officially released its new brand slogan "sound.vision.soul" to the public. The adoption of this slogan represented its strong commitment to "share the maximum in entertainment that moves the heart and touches the soul" in all Pioneer-brand products throughout the world.

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On 11th January 2000, one of the subsidiaries of PAC, Pioneer Electronic (Taiwan) Corporation ("PTW"), received ISO 14001 certification three months ahead of schedule. In its preparation for the inspection, its employees had to overcome the difficult problems associated with manufacturing speakers, such as treating polluted air, water, wastes and finding alternatives to certain chemicals.

In May 2000, PTA quality management system received ISO 9002 : 1994 certification.

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On 28th January 1999, another subsidiary of PAC known as Pioneer Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd ("PTH") was awarded the 98 Thai Toyota Quality Award by Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd ("TMT"), a local subsidiary of Toyota Motors Corporation of Japan. In selecting PTH as a winner, TMT cited the high quality of Pioneer products and the fact that PTH had earned the highest marks among all candidates in the Standard Parts category. On 15th May 1999, PTA adopted the ISO 9000 : 1994 standard for its quality management system.

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In April 1998, Pioneer Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd attained QS 9000 certification. It started the drive for the requirement of QS9000 standards fulfilment by America's large auto mobile manufacturers on the part of their suppliers in April 1997.

In June 1997, PTM kicked off its company-wide QCC (Quality Control Circle) activities and all employees pledged to maintain and improve on high standards of quality.

Pioneer Corporation in Japan announced on 24th August 1998 that a new corporate logo would be introduced worldwide on 1st October 1998 as part of its ongoing corporate identity activities.

PTW was officially awarded QS 9000 certification on 25th August 1998. Similar to PTM, PTW had participated in this quality control activity as a requirement of the American automobile manufacturers.

On 28th September 1998, PAC relocated to a new building at Alexandra Road. Its new premises housed divisions previously located at Wheelock Place as well as its Design Centre, Engineering Support and Parts Engineering departments which were previously sited at Tuas.

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On 22nd January 1997, Pioneer Technology (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. ("MPT") was awarded an ISO 9002 international certification for its quality management system.

PTW established a speaker manufacturing subsidiary in Indonesia known as PT Monetech Audio (Indonesia) and commenced operations on 1st May 1997.

On 9th August 1997, PAC created a sensation at the National Sports Stadium in Singapore when it installed two 64-Screen Projection CUBE Systems for the National Day Celebrations. This was the first time that the Pioneer 64-screen system was installed in Singapore and the result was a massive structure more than 7 metres high and 7 metres deep. It helped to elevate to a climax the celebratory mood of the National Day Parade.

With effect from 1st October 1997, PAC reorganised its organisational structure, forming three internal companies :-
1. Pioneer Electronics Technology (Asia) Co. ("PTA")
2. Pioneer Electronics Marketing (Asia) Co. ("PMA")
3. Strategic Support Group (SSG)

This reorganisation reflected plans by Pioneer Corporation in Japan for structural reforms and globalisation.

PAC Homepage was launched on the internet on 8th November 1997.

PAC initiated a Simple English Communication (SEC) programme at the end of the year to improve communication and the sharing of information between Japanese and local employees. The programme sought to promote the increased use of simple English in daily communication and correspondence. Other activities include training courses designed to improve the English writing skills of Japanese employees.

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PAC conducted its first Production Conference at Mandarin Hotel on 31st January 1996 with the presentation of awards for the Best Distributor and Best Supplier.

The objectives of the conference were to strengthen its production system as well as to enhance product quality awareness and Pioneer brand image.

Pioneer LaserMini TV commercial film featuring Singapore soccer legend, Fandi Ahmad, earned a Winner Award at the renowned American Telly Awards 1995 for creative excellence and filming and production quality.

A new showroom was opened at Lane Crawford Place on 8th March 1996 to display the formidable array of products bearing the Pioneer trade mark.

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Opening of ASPAC - Asia Service & Parts Centre at PAC, located at Tuas on the western end of Singapore on 8th February 1995.

The new centre procures parts from surrounding Asian countries for Pioneer products manufactured in Asia, thus assuring stable distribution, a shorter lead time and lower logistics costs for service parts.

PTW celebrated the 25th anniversary of their establishment on 9th November 1995.

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On 4th June 1994 MPT celebrated its official opening of its plant in Muar. The outdoor inauguration ceremony was held under the auspices of the then Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dato Seri Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad and his wife. MPT began operations since September 1993 in the new factory premises for the production of home audio and car audio products.

Pioneer Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. ("PTM") was established in Thailand as a car stereo production facility. Located in an industrial park in the suburbs of Bangkok, PTM commenced full-scale production in September 1994.

The first Japanese Language Proficiency programme was introduced to local employees of PAC in November 1994. Many employees enrolled in the programme. Incentives were offered to those who excelled, such as a trip to Japan for reaching a high level of proficiency.

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PAC moved into its new premises at the new Lane Crawford Place located at the heart of Orchard Road on 23rd June 1993. Technical operations remained at Tuas.

In April 1993, PAC hosted the first Asean Product Seminar, the first time it was conducted outside of Japan and attended by sales and marketing personnel from Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand.

PTW established a wholly-owned subsidiary in Malaysia known as Monetech Audio Sdn. Bhd. Production commenced in July 1993, producing mainly speakers.

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Incorporation of Pioneer Electronics AsiaCentre Pte. Ltd. ("PAC") on 13th June 1992. Its primary roles are to provide management support to subsidiaries and oversee production, marketing, logistics, after-sales service and financial requirements for the regional markets. Outside of Hong Kong and China, PAC became the regional manufacturing, sales and marketing arm in Asia of its parent company, Pioneer Corporation.

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